What is Circular Cleveland?

Circular Cleveland is a collaborative effort to refashion the whole of our local economy—who it benefits and what it costs. Circular Cleveland’s goal is to:

  • Redesign systems to be more efficient in the use of natural resources.
  • Create jobs and investment opportunities.
  • Support a healthier, more vital environment for residents, now and in the future.

Currently, industrial, commercial and residential sectors in Cleveland produce 1.09 million tons of solid waste per year, while recycling 442 tons (41%) mostly in metals and composting 41.6 tons (4%) of organic waste such as food. The goal of Circular Cleveland is to extend the lifespan of household items such as clothing and furniture, food, manufactured goods such as steel, concrete and medical equipment, and buildings for as long as possible.

In the process, we are preserving natural resources, connecting individuals and companies, activating skills and directing resources to the growth of sustainable jobs, and, ultimately, redesigning waste out of the system.

From waste comes opportunity.

Meet the Circular Cleveland ambassadors

Circular Cleveland Ambassadors are Cleveland residents who are actively pursuing ways to keep good materials out of landfills and to keep them circulating within the community. Circular Cleveland Ambassadors are residents who are organizing local recycling, reuse, composting, repair, and deconstruction activities, and are connecting with peers across the city to share, model and build up an economy that redirects waste into opportunity for the benefit of community and the environment. To learn more about the Ambassadors, please visit their online Storymap, which includes geography, experience and interests, and goals for their community.