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If you believe the future is circular, you’re invited to connect with some of the local groups and individuals who are leading the transition to a more sustainable local economy that produces less waste.

Explore these ways to get circular!

Did you know? Northeast Ohio has 370 food companies; it’s among Ohio’s largest industries. Food and beverage production in Cleveland consumes 1.962 million tons of natural resources to produce and transport to stores. Combined with households, agriculture produces 189,000 tons of waste annually.

That means reducing food waste will have a big impact on pollution. These resources can help:

Did you know? Gasoline consumed by Clevelanders driving cars equals 23,000 terajoules of energy a year. That’s the equivalent energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, 365 times. Our consumption produces 2.22 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Cleveland has many resources to help lower transportation emissions, including investments in bicycle, transit and shared-mobility infrastructure.

The raw materials that go into electronics purchased in Cleveland add up to 65,200 tons each year. In addition, appliances are a portion of the 146,000 tons of resources needed to make miscellaneous manufactured products. Currently, only 4.48 tons of electronics are being recycled in Cleveland per year.

With more robust repair practices, those figures can improve. These resources can help:

Textiles and leather purchased by Clevelanders consume 31,500 tons of resources each year. When you reuse, repair or upcycle, you’re making the most use out of the resources embodied in your clothes.

The greenest building is the one that is already built.” –Carl Elfante

City of Cleveland curbside recycling is back.