Roadmap & Focus Areas

In 2021, Circular Cleveland engaged a team of international experts to:

  • Assess how materials flow through our regional economy.
  • Surface our main strengths and challenges.

  • Collect input from stakeholders.

  • Focus our attention on a few key areas that will make the most impactful change.

A Landscape Analysis of how material resources, energy and water flow through our region’s industrial, commercial, residential and transportation sectors provided a baseline, and provided key insights. It also highlighted gaps in our understanding that come from a lack of data.

The team used this analysis to identify what circular strategies could have the most impact, and published a report titled, Circular Cleveland: A roadmap towards an inclusive, circular city.

The focus areas highlighted in the roadmap include:

Circular Manufacturing


Remediating soil, air & water pollution


The Built Environment-Construction, renovation & demolition


Getting more value from consumer goods & organic resources