Focus Area 4

Getting More Value From Consumer Goods & Organic Resources

We buy food, clothing and durable goods as individuals, but our collective impact is tremendous—not all of our waste is garbage; it doesn’t all need to go to the landfill.

If we preserve and extend the value of the things we buy and encourage local food production, we can reduce the amount of waste that goes to the landfill and lower the carbon intensity of our products. In this area, the roadmap recommends:

  • Promote local, sustainable, second-hand and other environmentally friendly products.

  • Minimize the use of non-recyclable packaging.

  • Decrease food waste from businesses.

  • Increase food production on city-owned vacant land.

  • Promote reuse, repair, sharing, and recycling programs and businesses.

  • Pilot, support and scale up innovative technologies.

  • Develop a transparent participatory budgeting program that engages residents.